True Yankee Book Club

6/5/08 — This is an old book and it was a curious decision for a Yankee fan like myself to read it, but whatever.

I just finished Mind Game: How the Red Sox got smart, won the World Series and built a new blueprint for winning by: the Baseball Prospectus team of experts.

The book is a collection of essays about the end of 2003 season, the ’03-’04 off-season, and the 2004 season for the Boston Red Sox by the Baseball Prospectus team of experts. It is decently written and very well thoughtout. A good read for anyone interested in good baseball analysis. Not the greatest read for a Yankee fan, I had to take breaks to cry. But, the way BP covers the events make them much easier to swallow than when it was covered by the mainstream press.

The chapters by Jonah Keri are my favorites, I always enjoy reading him.

5/2/08 — Off day. Bored. New feature. Deal with it.

So, just over a month ago, Shannon, the marketing manager at Simon and Schuster, emailed me an offer for a free copy of The Greatest Game: The Yankees, The Red Sox, and the Playoff of ’78 by Richard Bradley. Being one of many that’ll take free stuff, I took her up on the offer even though I wasn’t totally interested having already read Roger Kahn’s October Men, a really good book about the entire 1978 Yankee season.

Not to sound too much like Bill Simmons, but my dad ended up reading the book and he can’t put it down. I’ve read parts of it too and it is incredibly well written, Bradley is a really smart guy. I highly recommend buying it.


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