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Boras starting early this year

September 21, 2010

Ask Scott Boras about his newest client, Phillies right fielder Jayson Werth, and the first words out of the agent’s mouth are, “He can play center field.”

Werth, a free agent at the end of the season, has made 18 starts in center this season – mostly while Shane Victorino was on the disabled list – and 77 in his career.

Because few center fielders hit like Werth, his marketability will only increase if prospective suitors consider him a viable defender at the position.

“He has the closing speed to play center,” Boras says. “It makes your team so different. Normally you get that production out of a corner outfielder.” (Source)



Sign Mark Teixeira

October 7, 2008

The number one priority on the Yankees list should be signing Mark Teixeira. He is the perfect player for them. With Jason Giambi’s contract expiring, the Yankees have a lot of money to spend and production to replace.

Offensively, Teixeira easily fills that void. He has posted OPS+ numbers of 153 and 150 the last two years. Those numbers are comprable to Giambi at his peak.

Defensively, Teixeira is a gigantic upgrade as he posted a +9 FRAA in ’08. Also, Teixeira will be 29 next year and has never played less than 132 games in a season. It’s a no-brainer.

It is hard to find Yankees officials juiced up to chase Teixeira. Perhaps they don’t want to give his agent, Scott Boras, further leverage. It is amazing how many executives say almost verbatim that: “Teixeira is the ultimate Boras client.”

Translation: Teixeira will go to the team that gives him the most. Period. (Source)

The Yankees should be that team.

Thanks for your service

October 7, 2008

Every off-season brings roster turnover, this year is no different. The following Yankees should not be retained:

Jason Giambi: Giambi really belted out the final year of his 7-year $120M contract sporting a line of .247/.373/.502 in 145 games, which is the most he’s played since 2003. Even though durability wasn’t a problem this year, it is still a concern going forward, even more so with Giambi being 38 next year. With two time Gold Glove first basemen Mark Teixeira a free agent this year, Giambi’s poor fielding (-10 FRAA) must also be considered. Giambi had five really good seasons in his seven years in New York and I think we’ll all look back on the Giambi era in NY as a fun memory.

Bobby Abreu: The only Yankee to stay healthy and productive this year, Abreu played 151 or more games for the eleventh year in a row in 2008. What’s his secret to staying on the field? Well, you’d have to ask him. I’d say it’s his ability to stay away from balls near the wall and not risking injury. It shows in his fielding numbers as Bob was a -14 FRAA for the Yankees this year. Offensively, Abreu is simply in decline. I appreciate the type of player that he is. I love guys that really work the count, but the Bobby Abreu that has played for the Yankees is an aging one. He has posted only his career worst OBPs with us (.371 in ’08, .369 in ’07). Abreu will be 35 next year and is not the player he once was, he is no longer the answer in right field.

It’s time for the Yankees to get younger and better defensively.

It starts

October 6, 2008

The Brewers and Angels have been eliminated from the playoffs. C.C. Sabathia and Mark Teixeira are now free agents. The Yankees should be heavily interested in both of these players.

Cash: I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders

October 5, 2008

“I don’t like what shows up in the newspapers,” Cashman said. “I don’t like that people forget that I have been here since 1986, that I was part of this franchise when it wasn’t very good. I was part of the rebuilding process as an assistant GM. I was the assistant GM under Gene Michael for four years and Bob Watson for two when we were rebuilding this thing. I was the assistant farm director when we had the core we have here today. Some people forget that, and the story line that was going to be written if I left, I wouldn’t agree with. I wasn’t going to let that story be written. If I left, the story that was going to be written wasn’t going to be accurate. I have given my heart and my soul to the franchise. I am not going to let an inaccurate story stick. The only way to change that is to change the story. I am not saying it’s going to be changed overnight, but I am saying it’s not going to be written inaccurately.” (Source)

Cash spits game on WFAN

October 2, 2008

In an interview with WFAN’s Mike Francesca Tuesday, GM Brian Cashman said the following:

There are only two starters with spots in the ’09 rotation: Wang and Chamberlain.

Joe Girardi did not manage the media well.

Jason Giambi’s option won’t be picked up, but it is still to be decided if he will be retained.

Cash Stays

October 1, 2008

NEW YORK — In the end, a key component of what pushed Brian Cashman to return as the general manager of the Yankees turned out to be what would have been written had he not finished the job.

Recalling Reggie Jackson’s oft-repeated comment: “When you have a bat in your hands, you can always change the story,” Cashman insists that he will not see his legacy in pinstripes cemented with 2008, a year that saw the third-place Yankees miss the playoffs for the first time in 13 seasons.

“I’m staying to change the story, that’s the fact,” Cashman said. “I’m not telling you that it’s going to change overnight, but I am telling you that it’s not going to be written inaccurately. (Source)

Cash signs Sexson, work not done

July 17, 2008

The New York Yankees have reached a tentative agreement with Richie Sexson, who was released by the Seattle Mariners a week ago. (Source)

Richie Sexson is not an everyday player. If he is one on your team, chances are you’re not going to be playing in October. The Yankees potentially need an everyday DH because of Hideki Matsui’s injury.

Signing Sexson doesn’t solve anything. Maybe there is some reason to play him against LHP, but the fact that he was signed before Bonds is alarming.

Cash, this better not be “The Move.” Your work is far from over after this signing.

Shopping Hawkins?

June 11, 2008

The Yankees are aggressively shopping right-hander LaTroy Hawkins, two rival executives say, intending to clear a spot for a reliever who currently is at Class AAA. (Source)

Aggressively shopping? Are you kidding? Who the hell is going to give up anything for Hawkins? Just eat the contract and be done with it. Three simple letters: DFA

David Robertson would be a good choice to replace Hawkins: 22 IP 15 HA 6 ER 11 BB 30 K 1.57 GO/AO at AAA Scranton Wilkes-Barre.

Ca$h, Yanks to talk extension

June 5, 2008

NEW YORK — Brian Cashman’s contract as Yankees general manager is up after the season, and Hank Steinbrenner intends to discuss an extension while Cashman is in Tampa, Fla., this week.

“We’re going to be talking about it,” said Steinbrenner, the team’s co-chairperson. (Source)

Get this done.

He deserves a shot

June 2, 2008

Jason Lane can opt out of his minor league deal with Scranton/Wilkes-Barre if he isn’t called up Tuesday. He has a .826 OPS in 227 PA at AAA.

Him up. Shelley down. Ca$h, make it happen.

What’s the worst that can happen? Lane sucks just as bad as Shelley (.500 OPS in 63 PA)?

BREAKING: Yanks DFA Ensberg

June 1, 2008

Update, 11:15 a.m.: Ensberg was designated for assignment to make room for Patterson. (Source)

I called for this move days ago. With a -5.9 VORP in his short stay here, he did more bad than good.