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Couldn’t have said it better

October 7, 2008

John Paciorek/ has a good analysis of ARod’s swing.


Leave Alex Rodriguez Alone!

August 27, 2008

Tonight at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, the Red Sox and Yankees began the last series they will ever have in the old place. ARod had one of his worst games ever – going 0-for-5 at the plate with two GIDPs and shakey play defensively – in the Sox 7-3 win. He was also on the receiving end of a Bronx Cheer on more than one ocasion. It went on all night until the fans were so disgusted they fled, around the eighth inning.

This preformance and this reaction once again brings the question of Alex Rodriguez’ ability to “hit in the clutch” to the forfront. Yes, we are here again friends.

The perception is that Rodriguez was awesome with runners in scoring position last year and terrible this year.

2007 with RISP: 1.138 OPS
2008 with RISP: .824 OPS (Coming into tonight)

Given the numbers, the perception is somewhat accurate. But, if those numbers fit with his career numbers can we chalk it up as normal fluctuation?

Career with RISP: .957 OPS
Career: .969 OPS

I think we can.

So, fans, don’t boo Alex and his .992 OPS, which is 2nd in th American League, boo the law of baseball averages or the fact that injuries have decimated the Yankees pitching staff. I know Alex is fighting it right now, but please he’s like the 20th thing wrong with this team right now. Putting all the blame on him is unfair.

ARod, Yanks streaking

June 19, 2008

ARod has homered in 4 straight, Yanks have won 6 straight.

Brosius is better

June 14, 2008

Yankees are 16-9 since ARod’s return from the DL. The rush is on.


June 9, 2008


Nothing against Eric Wilbur, but he sucks

June 1, 2008

Eric Wilbur,

David Ortiz has apparently once again gotten the Yankees front office all hot and bothered, thanks to his presence in a silly All-Star Game promotion. The “Call Your Shot” event will give a fan the chance to choose a spot in Yankee Stadium where he or she thinks the Red Sox slugger can deposit the ball. Then, Ortiz has one swing to summon Babe Ruth. Simple enough.

But according to the New York Times’ Jack Curry, the Yankees don’t want Ortiz to take that swing….

…Imagine poring over spreadsheets and hit charts for Ortiz, only to arrive in the Bronx and see that Alex Rodriguez is going to take his shot instead. Nothing against A-Rod, but if you’ve got one swing with everything on the line, I’m not sure he’s your man.

Last year he was.

Late & Close (7th inning or later, tied, down one or up one):

Chokey McChokeChoke: .357/.439/.686 in 82 PA
Big Sloppy Clutchness: .263/.371/.395 in 89 PA

I’m calling it

May 31, 2008


3-for-4, 2 2Bs in 6-5 win.

Dude hit a lot of balls hard Friday, hot streak coming…

It’s ARod’s fault

May 28, 2008


Then with the bases loaded and no outs in the 11th he manages to ground into the 4-2-5 double play. “Stick your glove out, make a lucky catch and get two out of it,” he said afterward.

Lucky? He hit the hard grounder right at an infielder, the one thing you couldn’t do. Striking out would have been less damaging.

That double play was his fault? He crushed that pitch! Did you watch the game?

Was Jeter getting picked off with two outs in the sixth also ARod’s fault? How about the rain? Wanna blame him for that too?

He’s back

May 22, 2008

(AP Photo)

4-for-7, 2 2Bs and 2 HRs the past two nights. And one of those doubles should’ve been a homer:

NEW YORK (AP) — Alex Rodriguez hit two balls over the fence but was credited with only one home run, and the New York Yankees broke loose Wednesday night for an 8-0 victory over the Baltimore Orioles. (Source)

He can’t win

May 21, 2008

George A. King III (yeah the third), NY Post

Rodriguez, whose return from a three-week stay on the DL due to a strained right quad, went 1-for-3 and never had a chance to impact the outcome since it was over before he batted in the second inning.

He did blast a two-run, meaningless homer in sixth.

ARod can’t win. If he hits a homer, it’s meaningless. If he gets out, he’s a choker.

Technically King is right, the homer was meaningless. But, do you think King would’ve said the same thing if it was Jeter who hit the homer? No chance, it would’ve been something like: “Jeter tried to get the Yankees back with a homer, but to no avail.”

The way ARod gets treated in this town is total bullshit. It’s hard being the best baseball player alive and have the media ignore that fact.

Blame ARod

May 21, 2008

(AP Photo)

The stat-padder comes back and the Yankees lose 12-2. Coincidence? I think not. Jeter and Mussina had nothing to do with it.

ARod’s Injury Cost

May 20, 2008

BP’s Injury Cost is a quick measure of the value lost due to injuries. The formula is MORP divided by 180 multiplied by days lost.

ARod being out for 21 days, cost the Yankees 3.27M.