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Worth a listen

November 18, 2007

Here is a link to Gotham Baseball Live with Mike Silva, a show I have been on in the past. On this edition of the show, Mike interviewed John Manuel from Baseball America to talk Yankees and Mets Prospects.

Here is what Manuel had to say about Alan Horne (#5 on my Yankee prospects list):

“Horne sits 93-96 MPH with his fastball, his stuff is just a tick below Joba.”

Who’s excited?


My Segment of the NYY Preview

October 3, 2007

Click Here

At the 40 minute mark.

Yankees Playoff Preview

October 3, 2007

NY Baseball Talk with Mike Silva is having a NYY Playoff Preview. I will be on around 7:30. You can listen by following the link below:

You can hear NYY playoff game recaps after NYY games and I may make an appearence after a few games.


If you missed it

August 7, 2007

I was a guest on NY Baseball Talk with Mike Silva on Long Island’s 1240 am WGBB Sunday. They podcast their segments here. Just scroll to the top in the box on the left and you’ll see it.


True Yankee to be on Long Island’s 1240 am

August 5, 2007

This Sunday, August 5th, I will be a guest on NY Baseball Talk with host Mike Silva. The show runs 9-11 pm on Long Island’s 1240 am WGBB and you can listen live on their homepage.