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The other guys the Yanks got

June 6, 2008

The Yankees made a big splash in the first round with RHP Gerrit Cole, who projects as a #1 starter. That may have been the only player the Yankees drafted that you’ve heard of before today, but the Yankees work was hardly done.

Here’s who else they got on day one:

2nd round (75) RHP Scott Bittle, Ole Miss — College closer that the Yankees drafted last year in round 48. Posted sick numbers this year: 70.2 IP 35 HA 14 ER 130 K 30 BB. His fastball is only in the 88-91 MPH range. His best pitch is a mid-80’s cut fastball that he commands well low in the strike zone. Could move quickly.

4th round (140) INF Corban Joseph, Tennessee HS — Tennesseean player of the year. Played SS his last three years in HS, word about his defense isn’t great and he may need to be moved to 2B, which he played his freshman year. It doesn’t really matter, his bat is so good he can play anywhere. He has a sweet lefty swing that reminds of Chase Utley.

5th round (170) OF Chris Smith, California HS —  6’2, 200 lbs. Throws left, hits left. Committed to USC. Put up sick numbers this year in 82 Plate Appearences: .704/.744/1.361. Yeah, sure that’s in high school, but it’s a 2.105 OPS! Also, he chokes up on his bat like Barry Bonds, which is kind of cool. By the way, he’s Straight Outta Compton.

6th round (200) RHP Brett Marshall, Texas HS — 6’0, 195 lbs. Committed to Rice. Demanding $1M to sign. Starter. Plus fastball and plus slider. Has added velocity since last year, now up to 97 MPH. Formerly a shortstop, still learning how to pitch.


BREAKING: Yanks select Jeremy Bleich in 2nd round

June 5, 2008

uhh, who?

BREAKING: Yanks select Gerrit Cole in 1st round

June 5, 2008

6’3, 190, RHP, California High Schooler, Boras client, KG called him “the most talented HS arm in the draft.” He is pretty much this year’s Porcello.

KLaw’s take: This is a great pick; he fell to the Yankees for financial reasons. Cole has the best arm among the prep pitchers in the draft. He has a loose, quick arm. He has the best fastball of the high school pitchers; it tops out 97 mph. He needs more consistency on the breaking ball. And he needs to just throw his changeup instead of guiding it. He’s a high-ceiling arm that could be a No. 1 starter. If that doesn’t work, he could be a dominant reliever.

“Gerrit has a big, strong, projectable body with a high ceiling,” said Damon Oppenheimer, Yankees Vice President of Amateur Scouting. “He throws a power fastball with sink in the 94-98 range and has also developed a good changeup. He’s a competitor every time he takes the mound, and he pitches with a lot of confidence. We were really pleased with both of our first two selections.” (Source

Draft Prep

May 31, 2008

With the MLB Draft just days away (June 6th), it’s time to get started. The Yankees have four of the first 102 picks in the draft!

Here’s’s Draft Home and’s Draft Home.

Both of the Mock Drafts from these sites have the Yankees taking HS RHP Gerrit Cole with the 28th overall pick.’s Keith Law: Cole is a top-half-of-the-round talent, but his bonus demands are expected to be large, and whispers about his makeup started when he signed with Boras. The Yankees aren’t afraid of any of those things.’s Jon Mayo: There’s been a lot of talk about the Yankees repeating — in a way — what they did in last year’s Draft by taking an injured college pitcher with their first-round pick. In this case, it would be Fresno State’s Tanner Scheppers. That shoulder injury is so unusual, though, that it could scare any team off. So could Cole’s supposed price tag, but the Yankees can obviously afford to negotiate with the Boras advisee. There’s no doubt about Cole’s arm strength and he can crank it up into the upper 90s. New York is a team that can definitely wait to let the rest of his game catch up to the velocity.

Click here for Cole’s scouting video.

I’m usually against taking High School players in the first round, but taking a guy who is 10th on KLaw’s top 75 at 28 is nothing I’d complain about.

Too early to talk draft?

December 9, 2007

Sure, we are months away from the 2008 MLB draft, but with the Yanks about to get a supplemental 1st-round pick with Viz declining arbitration, it is time to talk draft.

First, here is the draft order (Remember, the top 15 teams can’t lose their 1st round pick even if they sign a Type-A FA):

1. Devil Rays
2. Pirates
3. Royals
4. Orioles
5. Giants
6. Marlins
7. Reds
8. White Sox
9. Nationals
10. Astros
11. Rangers
12. Athletics
13. Cardinals
14. Twins
15. Dodgers

16. Brewers
17. Blue Jays
18. Mets (From Braves for T. Glavine)
19. Cubs
20. Mariners
21. Tigers
22. Mets
23. Padres
24. Phillies
25. Rockies
26. Diamondbacks
27. Twins (from Angels for T. Hunter)
28. Yankees
29. Indians
30. Red Sox

The Yankees will have two picks in the first 40 or so selections, just like they did in ’06 when they selected Ian Kennedy and Joba Chamberlain.

Study up, kiddies!

Here is Keith Law’s list of top 60 amateurs (ESPN Insider, sorry).

Here is a list from Jonathan Mayo at of ’08 draft targets. 

Yanks signees update

August 16, 2007

The Yankees have confirmed the signings of:

C Austin Romine (2) $500,000
3B Brad Suttle (4) $1.3 milion
C Chase Weems (6) $450,000
OF Taylor Grote (8) $250,000
SS Carmen Angelini (10) $1 million

I’m very excited about Suttle and Angelini, great to get them signed. Another great draft by Cash.

There are conflicting reports on Andrew Brackman. Everyone says he’s signed but Cash. Nobody knows what’s going on now, but I’m sure we’ll know shortly.

Peavey picks college over Yanks

August 13, 2007


The 6-foot-2 right-handed Greg Peavey, who earlier this year was rated as Washington’s top professional baseball prospect by several national publications, said the Yankees made two offers that “were pretty large sums, but it just didn’t feel right. School is my best bet.”

New York’s final offer “was more than I thought they’d offer for (the 24th) round. We weren’t that far apart,” Peavey said.

Because Peavey will turn 19 before he begins school at Oregon State, he is eligible for the major league draft following his sophomore season. (Source)

From the looks of this report the Yankees did everything to sign this kid, in the end he just wanted to go to school and there was really nothing we could do about that.

Peavey is a flamethrower out of the bullpen and was underrated coming into the draft. The Yankees drafted him late and tried to go over slot to get him. He’ll be draft eligible again after his sophomore year at Oregon State, we’ll have a chance to get him back.

I’m not too disappointed about not signing Peavey; I like the kid though.

Brackman signing close to or done

August 12, 2007


Andrew Brackman ($3 million) has a deal in place or close to it. We’ll also see a slew of “signability” guys sign above-slot deals once we get to Aug. 14, the day before the deadline. (Source) (Insider)

Despite his injuries, some are calling this pick a steal. To get anyone who can dial it up to 99 MPH with the last pick of the first round does sound like a steal, even if it does cost the Yanks $3M to get a deal done. Good job getting this signing done.

Early returns on 3rd round pick

August 10, 2007

Here is a review of Pope’s mechanics (from the Hardball Times):  

Wow. Quick, uninterrupted tempo, excellent arm action, aggressive lower body action. As impressed as I was with Pope’s mechanics, I was equally impressed with his pitching coach in college, David Haverstick, with whom I had the pleasure of talking for a few minutes. As many of you can tell with the tone of my articles, I’m not a guy who is easily impressed. That said, David Haverstick really knows what he is talking about. I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I was with his knowledge of pitching mechanics.

Haverstick shared Pope’s story with me. I’ll give you the short-short version: As a freshman with an 82-mph fastball, Pope was going nowhere with his slow, “stay over the rubber” tempo and long arm action. With hard work and belief in Haverstick’s mechanics philosophy, Pope is a kid who now works comfortably with an 88-92 mph (topping at 94) fastball. Pope is a steal in the third round. I believe he will gain more velocity as he gets more comfortable with his “new” mechanics. Remember, Pope has been pitching this way for only a couple of years. I remember reading a quote by Roy Oswalt where he said that coaches had always tried to slow his tempo down. Oswalt, as you may be aware, has quite possibly the fastest tempo in the majors. Ryan Pope is almost “Oswalt fast.” Much like I advise slow-tempo pitchers to “speed it up,” many coaches who come into contact with a guy as quick as Pope will try to “slow him down.” That is my one fear. (Source)

Pope has a 1.84 ERA in 14.2 IP in 4 starts at Class-A Staten Island. Pope also has a 7.39 K/9, 3.69 BB/9 and a 1.46 GO/AO. 

As much as I love the high matinence studs (Brackman, Porcello, Angelini, Suttle), the quiet dudes that sign early and just go about their business are great too.   

Brackman signability update

August 7, 2007

While everyone expects Brackman to sign by the deadline, two questions plague the negotiations. The first is just how much money he’ll get, and the second (which has a direct relationship to the first) is the rumor that Brackman needs elbow surgery. It’s hard to make any prediction on the answer to the first until we know the answer to the second. (Source) (BP)

Everyone expects him to sign, end of story. Now, let’s sign Chris Carpenter, Greg Peavey and Austin Romine.

Also, here is an article on sleepers in the draft  from the Hardball Times (Carpenter, Peavey and third round pick Ryan Pope, who is signed, are mentioned).

A few draft signings to report

August 6, 2007

….and the Yankees have agreed on several above-slot deals, including around $1 million for fourth-round pick Brad Suttle, and somewhere between $750-900,000 for tenth-round pick Carmen Angelini. (Source) (BP)

Good news.

Angelini, 18, is a slick fielding high school SS that ultimately decided against going to college (Rice). It was reported that he demanded $1M or he would go to college, the Yanks signed him for less than that. Angelini has no weaknesses on a ballfield; he can hit for average and power, has great range and a plus arm.

Suttle, 21, is a Texas 3B that projects to be a good average hitter. He has shown little power so far, but we all know that is the last thing to come. Suttle has a plus arm from third, but is just an average defensive player, who doesn’t run well.

It’s great news that the Yanks got these two signed. There are 10 days left ’til the August 15 deadline, I’d like to get Chris Carpenter (RHP Kent St 18th round) and Andrew Brackman (RHP NC St 1st round) signed too.

Thanks to Baseball America and for scouting reports.

Draft Signings?

June 20, 2007

The Yankees make it impossible to know who has been signed, here is what I hear.  

9. OF Austin Krum
12. RHP Manuel Barreda
13. RHP Nick Chigges
14. 3B Braedyn Pruitt
15. OF Dave Williams
20. SS Ryan Wehrle
21. 2B Justin Snyder
22. RHP Craig Heyer
25. RHP Jason Kiley
26. OF Gary Gattis
27. 3B Brandon Laird
28. RHP Jeff Livek
29. RHP Matt Pilgreen
30. 2B Chris Carrara
32. 3B Brian Chavez
33. RHP Fred Jones
42. 1B Chris Raber
50. C Larry Day