Tony Dungy totally ruins everything

A four game losing streak at home certainly wasn’t what the Bronx Bombers had in mind after taking the first two from Tampa earlier this week. After Joba Chamberlain saved Phil Hughes’ 17th win on Tuesday, the Yankees proceeded to lose a crazy rain delay induced bullpen game followed by a game they looked to have in their grasp—CC on the mound at home, lead in hand—until a one out bases loaded 3-2 pitch at the knees to Sean Rodriguez didn’t go their way leading to a seven-run sixth inning. Then, after Andy Pettitte, who the Yankees are going to be counting on once again in October, really had nothing Friday night, they don’t get a hit off of Jon Lester until the sixth inning.

Now, are there things they could’ve done differently? Of course, one painfully obvious idea would be using Chad Gaudin and his 5.86 ERA a lot less. Another would be not calling on someone as boring and lame as Tony Dungy to give a “life lessons” pep talk before Saturday’s game. That would explain why they were almost no-hit. The hitter’s didn’t wake up until the sixth inning. Well, it was probably half Dungy and half the big zone Lester was getting. Oh, and a little credit to Lester for, you know, being a really good pitcher.

Anyway, the point remains: it’s very easy to lose four games in a row. Especially in September, when the front office has told manager Joe Girardi to rest guys, which he then decides to interpret as reason to start Austin Kearns just because he bats right-handed for two plate appearances before lifting him for the clearly superior Brett Gardner who, of course, has no platoon split.

So, the magic number is three for another day and the Red Sox postseason chances are mathematically intact while at the same time virtually impossible (just the way we like it). There isn’t a real reason to panic yet, but this will likely ease any concerns.


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