Oh, you again

Yep, back in the sack just in time for the stretch run and the playoffs. Let’s not waste time with intros, I missed you too.

Alright, so last week the Yankees and the Rays played a very tight series that the Rays took 2-1. Those three games felt close to a playoff atmosphere or as close as you can get to a playoff atmosphere when the stands are half full. Anyway, tonight we get another Matt Garza-Ivan Nova matchup. Last week, the Yankees got all over Garza early and Nova seemed to be in control of the game, which some were calling his “postseason audition.”  This was all fine and dandy until Nova lost the zone in the fifth and an overworked Boone Logan surrendered a three-run homer to Willie Aybar to cap a seven run inning for the Rays.

Now, after yesterday’s return of the great Andy Pettitte, it’s pretty clear as to how the Yankees playoff rotation should shake out. CC Sabathia will start game one in every series and likely be brought back on short rest in as many series as the Yankees play this October. After CC, the Yankees only need three other starters. Most likely that will be Pettitte, A.J. Burnett and Phil Hughes in some order.

I would advise and be much more comfortable with Pettitte and his 2.81 ERA being the number two starter. Of course, even with Pettitte’s extensive postseason resume, that’s not a sure thing (the only sure thing at this point is that Javy Vazquez and his 5.35 FIP will be nowhere near a major league mound in October). When slotting their rotation this year and last year it is clear that the Yankees believe that Burnett is better at home.  They wouldn’t be wrong (4.66 ERA at home, 5.42 on the road in ’10, 3.51 at home 4.59 on road in ’09). Should the Yankees win the division and have home field advantage in the first round, it will be interesting to see who is the number two starter. The Family Man with the most postseason wins or the guy with a 5.61 ERA in the second half this year who was clearly punched in the face the other night? What do you think?

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