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Giambi saves Yanks season?

August 28, 2008


Leave Alex Rodriguez Alone!

August 27, 2008

Tonight at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, the Red Sox and Yankees began the last series they will ever have in the old place. ARod had one of his worst games ever – going 0-for-5 at the plate with two GIDPs and shakey play defensively – in the Sox 7-3 win. He was also on the receiving end of a Bronx Cheer on more than one ocasion. It went on all night until the fans were so disgusted they fled, around the eighth inning.

This preformance and this reaction once again brings the question of Alex Rodriguez’ ability to “hit in the clutch” to the forfront. Yes, we are here again friends.

The perception is that Rodriguez was awesome with runners in scoring position last year and terrible this year.

2007 with RISP: 1.138 OPS
2008 with RISP: .824 OPS (Coming into tonight)

Given the numbers, the perception is somewhat accurate. But, if those numbers fit with his career numbers can we chalk it up as normal fluctuation?

Career with RISP: .957 OPS
Career: .969 OPS

I think we can.

So, fans, don’t boo Alex and his .992 OPS, which is 2nd in th American League, boo the law of baseball averages or the fact that injuries have decimated the Yankees pitching staff. I know Alex is fighting it right now, but please he’s like the 20th thing wrong with this team right now. Putting all the blame on him is unfair.

Last night’s lineup

August 12, 2008

Christian LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
A. Rodriguez 3B
Nady DH
Cano 2B
Sexson 1B
I. Rodriguez C
Cabrera CF

I have a question for Joe Girardi: What they hell was this? Johnny Damon is leading the AL in hitting and reportedly said he “felt fine”, so why did Justin Christian leadoff? I’m fine with playing Christian in center and batting him last because he had been hitting well against lefties in a recent small sample, but you can’t put Melky Cabrera in this lineup in favor of Damon. You can’t. This is the New York Yankees, we are in a pennant race and if you keep doing this, we won’t be.

Runners on 1st and 3rd with one out in the second, Melky is up. He swings at the first pitch and GIDPs. Joe, that was chokeball on your part. Melky shouldn’t see the field much over the next two months and when he does, it better be because Damon asks out or in favor of Christian against a RHP.

Matsui is coming back soon, here’s what the alignment should be when he returns:

LF Nady
CF Damon
RF Abreu
DH Matsui

I’d rather have Christian on the bench and send Melky down because of Christian’s base running ability. I’ve had it with Melky and his -3.4 VORP. After his hot start, he’s been an out machine over the last few months.  

Also, Joe, Jason Giambi has a higher OPS against LHP than he does against RHP, yet he sits every single time a LHP takes the mound. WHY?

Yanks continue to waste opportunities

August 11, 2008

During their recent series against the Angel, in which they were swept, the Yankees were 3-for-7 in getting a runner in from third with less than two outs. It happened three times during Sunday’s game, which was decided by one run. It might’ve helped.

Today, they stand 10 games behind the Rays in the loss column and have no chance at winning the division. But, they would if they had played better over the last 16 games, in which they’ve dropped 11, because the Rays just lost two everyday players to the DL in Outfielder Carl Crawford and Third Basemen Evan Longoria.

Crawford doesn’t hurt the Rays too bad, as he is 15 among AL LF in VORP and is currently being out-played by the likes of Matt Joyce (DET) and Ben Francisco (CLE).

However, you can make the argument that Longoria is the Rays best player. He is 20th in the entire AL in VORP, 2nd at his position and first on his team. He also plays a tremendous third base as he has provided 13 Fielding Runs Above Average this season.

Losing Longoria hurts the Rays a lot, the possible correction coming from them playing six games over their pythagorean record might hurt them too. It would be interesting to see how this effects them down the stretch, unfortunately it doesn’t look like the Yankees are good enough to even put pressure on them.