What happened in the 11th hour?

Keith Law: I was told that that offer from the Twins was Melky, Kennedy, and some pitcher named Wang. I haven’t confirmed that with anyone in the Bronx, but if that’s true, I would agree that Cashman should have turned it down. (Source) 

So really, this trade was never a realistic possibility for the Yankees. The Yankees have six possible starting pitchers, both trade scenarios involved the Yanks trading two pitchers (Wang in this offer, Phil Hughes in the other). The Yankees trading two pitchers would leave them with a great lack of depth and force them to be counting on Mike Mussina for a full season. The Yankees were right to walk away in that sense.

But, since the Twins did back off of the ‘you must include Hughes’ stance, maybe they would’ve taken Jose Tabata instead of Wang? That question should’ve been asked.

Asked yesterday if he was tempted to top the Met offer, Steinbrenner, the senior vice president, said in a brief telephone interview, “I don’t want to comment now. We’ll see what happens.”

He added, “There was nothing to get involved in. The trade’s done. That’s it. Any other opinion I’ve had, I’ve already stated.” (Source)

How do you know when Hank Steinbrenner is mad? When he says no comment.


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